Artist Statement

Some of my favourite wood in the background: cherry, oak, ash, maple.

I have been committed to using wood sourced exclusively from North American trees, or locally salvaged wood, since I began making furniture. This is both because of the deforestation and poaching associated with exotics and, just as importantly, because North American trees are as beautiful and wonderful to work with as any foreign wood.

Exotic woods, like mahogany, are endangered which obviously has the same result on the species who rely on these trees and forests for their food and shelter.

Yes, Europe, Australia and other places also practice responsible forestry, but those trees have to travel great distances to our market. North American species are as beautiful as any in the world and they grow right in our own backyards.

Say yes to sustainably sourced: Cherry, Ash, Oak, Maple, Birch, Walnut, Pine, Cedar, Douglas Fir.

Say no to: Mahogany (South and Central America), Teak (Asia, Africa, Caribbean), Cocobolo (Central America), Ebony (India), Bubinga (Africa), Purpleheart (South and Central America), Padauk (Africa)

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